How to Clean Velvet; From the Velvet Aficionado's

How to Clean Velvet; From the Velvet Aficionado's

Velvet is the biggest comeback of the year, some might argue it never went out of style. It's both modern, contemporary, and mid-century. If you've owned a velvet couch for years, or are considering making the leap, you probably had to think long and hard about whether it's a good fit for your home and your lifestyle.

Everyone knows that getting velvet furniture is as close to getting a pet without actually getting a pet. No, I don't have a pet but I do have a velvet couch that I take pride in keeping very clean. Allow me to share some of my tips and tricks for you to follow to keep your favorite velvet pieces looking like brand new.  

This or That?

Velvet chairs, velvet sofas, velvet couch, or even velvet beds. Velvet comes in an array of colors and textures, and Ella + Ross carries an extensive collection of velvet pieces. From signature shades like the Daria Grey Velvet Loveseat to a pop-of-colour like the Endrick Pink Velvet Dining Chairs, we not only carry a huge selection, but also at prices that won't break the bank. So let's talk about how to maintain your velvet treasures. 

Endrick Velvet Dining Chair - Set of 2

Easy, peasy.

The easiest and often most overlooked way to maintain the color and vibrancy of your velvet is by vacuuming all the exposed surfaces often, with a sofa brush attachment so as to not scratch or nick the velvet. Dust and dirt can dramatically alter the appearance of a velvet chair into a completely different piece than when it was purchased. Make sure you get in all nooks and crannies using the soft brush attachment and hunt down every last breadcrumb. I just vacuumed my couch this morning and I'm 40 cents richer! 

Now if you forget to use that soft brush attachment, you might notice scratches or streaks on your velvet fabric. Stay calm, don't panic. Velvets are unique supple fabric, a gentle brush of the hand can change the face immediately. To get out wrinkles and streaks, your best tool will be a steamer. Wait for the steamer to heat and mist, then run the steamer in the opposite direction of the fabrics smooth side. Use the lowest possible setting, keep the steam close enough to reach but far enough so any water doesn't leak and continuously move the steam, never keeping it held on one spot. And voila, wrinkles be gone!

Sun-kissed Fading.

You know how you're told the importance of wearing sunscreen from a young age? Well, the same applies to your velvets. A velvet chair sitting in direct sunlight for long stretches of time will experience fading. This not only happens with velvet, but also with your wood floors, carpets or rugs, and even wall art. So make sure you wear your sunscreen before going out, and close those blinds to avoid natural sun bleaching.

Kingsley Blue Velvet Sofa

The Dreaded Stain.

Now we know our clients, and we know while they are clean and meticulous, they’re also great hosts. They love a nice calm family thanksgiving or a nice not-so-calm Superbowl party. Gatherings with shared laughter, memories, and quality time are welcome. However, those inevitable greasy hands and wine spills are not. So how do we get that wine stain out? Because that is not the kind of red velvet we’re into. 

Step 1- Take a deep breath.

Step 2 - Smile and act unphased, because you've got this.

First, grab any lint free cloth or paper towel and pick up any excess spillage off the couch immediately.

Once that’s done you should be in a one on one situation with a menacing looking wet spot. Grab a bowl and pour in some gentle dishwashing liquid and water. Mix them together until the concoction starts bubbling like cheap champagne. Take another lint free cloth and let it soak in the soapy cocktail. Gently dab (never rub) the spot until the stain starts to fade. You may need to use a couple of lint-free cloths take will transfer the stain away from the fabric and into the cloth. 

Next, yellow tape the sofa area and allow the stain to dry. If you need to use it right away, get a hairdryer and work it over the wet spot on the absolutely LOWEST setting and keep your distance so there isn't direct heat.

Help is better than no help. Ask an expert if you have any doubts or concerns.

Just like your pets, your velvet needs some love too. Give those cushions some fluffing up and pats from time to time and your couch will definitely return the love!

You can enjoy, and you deserve, a plush, luxe, and hug-able stunning velvet furniture piece!

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