How to design a home office in 2022

How to design a home office in 2022

Whether you managed to hold on to your work during peak pandemic or are just returning from a much-awaited vacation, chances are you have turned that no longer functional ‘guest room’ into a makeshift home office.

Let’s look at some handy design ideas to give that space just the right amount of comfort and style to make your workday more engaging and productive.

    1. The Window Placement: A lot of people struggle with where the ideal position for your desk should be. If you ask us, the window should be on either side next to you. You don’t want the sun directly in your eyes come 2 p.m. and you also don’t want it shining in behind you for the all-important zoom meetings.
    2. The Office Chair: This is not your gaming setup—avoid using a gaming chair. For peak productivity, you want to get a chair with a straight back and a firm but comfortable seat. Don’t be afraid to go chic on the style with maybe some crystal tufting or quilted designs for when you excuse yourself to feed your cat and your colleagues are left chair-watching.
    3. The Desk: Let’s make one thing clear. L-shaped desks are out. It’s 2021 people! Don’t let anyone or anything put you in a box. Get a sophisticated glass desk that is best suited for your work laptop AND your Netflix laptop.
    4. The Backdrop:  If you have made the effort to construct a home office that isn’t your bed or alongside the end table from your living room, why not go the extra mile to add that much-needed flair that commands attention. Cover your wall imperfections with some soft abstract art that is stylish enough to impress but not detailed enough to distract. You must also invest in an indoor plant to be placed alongside the window. Trust us, it’s a natural stress buster.
    5. The Armchair: Now that we have you settled and ready, let’s take a moment and round out the room. Get a classy, comfy armchair (not the one from your TV room), for when you have a visitor. Tilt it towards the window, and don’t be afraid to use it occasionally to give yourself a break from all that number-crunching.
    6. The Console: Finally, place a console table matching the aesthetic used for the rest of your room near the door. This is where your eyes go for much of the day so be sure to line up your prized possessions as well as some other essentials. My console includes a jug of water with a couple of crystal glasses on a tray, a Silver Buddha bust with a marble base and a picture of my dog Luna as she is not allowed in the room.
    7. The Walls: No suggestions here! This is your den, your most productive space, so you must adorn the walls with what gives you strength and motivation. Hang your favourite family portraits, your well-deserved degrees, or diplomas and your hometown team’s banners. More power to you!

    Hope you have an amazing 2022 and beyond and be sure to check in with us for more handy design tips and tricks!

    Style without limits!

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