Where to put up your Christmas tree?

Where to put up your Christmas tree?

A Christmas tree brings warmth, joy, and instantly fills up any room with the spirit of the season.

Whether you’re working with a large space with high ceilings and large windows, or you’re putting up your first tree in your newly-purchased condo, finding the right spot for your Christmas tree is a crucial task. Let’s go through some dos and don’t of where to put up your Christmas tree. 

High visibility, more use

Ideally, your Christmas tree will be in a spot where it can be seen from multiple angles. It should be visible from a heavily used space, for example from your entryway, living room, kitchen, or all of the above. One way to ensure that joy is spread across your home is by featuring smaller ornamental trees and décor in areas that don’t see a lot of traffic. This will also tie together your theme to create a cohesive look and compliment your main centerpiece tree. Some places we’d recommend are a foyer console table and end tables in connecting hallways. 

A window can make an excellent background to your holiday tree. It makes for your tree to be seen from outside and also creates a reflection that instantly brightens the space. Keep in mind to leave ample space for presents, holiday décor, and a tree skirt if needed. 

Another great place is by the stairs if the space allows it. Amplify your décor by placing a matching garland along the handrail to create the perfect holiday tree setting. 

The most popular choice to display a Christmas tree is the most used room in the home, the family room. Free up some corner space to place your tree and instantly transform the ambience with a warm and cozy glow. 

We hope you found these tips helpful in getting your space ready for the holiday season!

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