Why you need an ottoman in your house

Why you need an ottoman in your house

Unless you were born in Istanbul in the 1700s, any ottoman you may have encountered was most probably of the footstool variety. As much as this seems like an unnecessary piece of furniture, the reality is this little piece of wonder used in the right way absolutely transforms a room. In fact, this little pouf packs a punch in more ways than one.


Ah yes! We must first get the obvious out of the way before we can get to the nitty-gritty of design. The ottoman is a footstool paired with your comfiest deepest lounge chair. When you kick your legs up while watching Family Feud or reading your favourite novel by the fireplace, you will only have yourself (and us!) to thank.


Let’s dive into some design, shall we? While we whole-heartedly respect a solid lounge chair-ottoman matching pair, we emphatically recommend you take a step back from your living space and analyze the room. Figure out the colour theme of your room and choose your tiniest element to offset but complement it. This will make your room three times brighter and much more fun. Here’s a quick colour guide if you need one.

  • White Setting – Black Ottoman
  • Black Setting – White Ottoman
  • Blue Setting – Mustard/Yellow Ottoman
  • Grey Setting – Red/Pink Ottoman
  • Green setting – Brown/Gold Ottoman

You get the point!


Now, are you saying you can pop the top off one of these charming little colourful comfortable stools and put stuff in them to not clutter your living room? I don’t believe it. Where’s the catch?

There is none! Remember that book you were reading by the fireplace? It’s in there. Your remote control? Never lose it again. Your dog/cat treats for easy access? Yes, but then you might find your cat in there as well.

The ottoman is just that one piece of furniture that you may be apprehensive to buy, not understanding the need for it but end up using it everywhere. You will offer it as extra seating when your daughter brings her boyfriend to thanksgiving, and you will also use it to change the kitchen lightbulb.

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