Plant A Tree

Ella and Ross Furniture

Sustainable Style Without Limits

e & r furnishes your space in a sustainable way. sustainability is the heart of our furniture. we take responsibility for the life of the planet, global warming and deforestation. we’re confident our raw materials are harvested in an environmentally responsible manner and we avoid harmful chemicals.


Our plan is by 2026 to reduce our carbon footprint by 50%

(materials, manufacturing, transportation, obsolescence) to

ensure our world is better for the next generation.

Ella and Ross Furniture

Today E & R believes in being accountable for our environmental impact. We plant a tree for each order to give back to our planet. is our trusted partner and together we are on target to plant 25M trees by Dec. 2022.

For each time you order we will show you how many orders you have made by displaying digital trees in your account. For each of your orders you get 2 tree points. Also, we give you 1 tree point for opening an account and 1 tree point for tagging your order and following us on Instagram.

When you reach 5 tree points you get a 5% discount.

1 Furniture Purchase = 1 Tree Planted + 2 Tree Points

Create an Account = 0 Trees + 1 Tree Point

Tag Us on Instagram = 0 Trees + 1 Tree Point