King Size Beds

King Size Beds


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Classic King Size Beds

Are you sick of using the small beds that disrupt your sleep? We offer you a wide selection of king size beds in Canada, to satisfy your sleeping preferences. Since a relaxing sleep is essential to have a productive and healthy life, it’s important to pick the right bed for your sleeping nook. Ella and Ross have the ultimate quality king beds for sleepy heads to uplift the style, comfort, and ambiance of any bedroom space.

Are you looking for stunning king-sized beds for your bedroom that makes your bedroom look lavish? Ella and Ross has got you covered. Our King beds range for sale comes in various types and styles to make your bedroom look classic and elegant. The ideal design depends on the aesthetic that you want to create. Apart from this, our varied styles won’t cost you a fortune, as we value your money and believe that it must be spent on the right article. So, we offer you the most gleaming, sturdiest, and soothing King-size bed designs at the most affordable prices.

Change the way you sleep forever with Ella and Ross’s range of King-size beds in Canada. Our beds are an overhaul for your room and lifestyle notably. Plus, these are strong and sturdy enough to handle weights like two adults, energetic children, and even a big dog or two. The bold and eye-catching designs will add a dash of elegance and sophistication to any room. Choose from a wide variety of decorative finishes and also fabric designs, that are beautiful enough to charm up your entire bedroom space.

You will also get a number of headboard fabric options as well in various colours, textures, and designs, you can ask our design experts about the variety and assortment if you have any questions in mind.  

Modern designs

When you shop for these kind of beds from us, you will get the finest modish pieces for your room that look classic and elegant. Shop for the widest styles from accentuated tufted button accents to metal studs, that suit different bedroom personas. Place the beds against your wall in the centre of your well-furnished room. Choose from a variety of rich shades to fit your bedroom décor.

Bespoke Furniture Designers

Our artisanal approach makes sure that our design-led bed meets your expectations and meets all the safety and comfort standards for everyone who uses it.

Design Consistency has always been the long-term trait of Ella and Ross. Our paramount focus is always on furnishing the trendy and minimalistic styles that become the true picture of class, accompanying our normal activities of life with utmost comfort, care, and spontaneity.  

So, explore our line of furnishings in which elegance is wed to functionality and durability.