Embassy Gold Sideboard

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The Embassy Gold Sideboard is a distinctive and artistic piece of furniture, crafted with the inspiration of a scorching summer moon. Here are its key features:

  • Material Composition: The sideboard is made from solid Indian Mango Wood and steel sheets, ensuring durability and a robust structure.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Each door is installed by a specially trained artisan. These artisans come from a long lineage of skilled workers, embedding a rich history and exquisite craftsmanship into each piece.
  • Handcrafted Steel Details: The steel Sunray sheets are meticulously installed by hand using metal cladding. This process guarantees that every sideboard is made with the same level of precision and care.
  • Design Aesthetic: The design is deeply rooted in its inspirational origin, reflecting the vision of a scorching summer moon, which adds a unique and artistic flair to the piece.

This blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern materials makes the Embassy Sideboard a timeless addition to any space, combining functionality with a touch of artistic heritage.

Product Dimensions

Weight (lbs) 82
Height (in) 40
Width (in) 68
Depth (in) 20

Shipping Dimensions

Weight (lbs) 84
Height (in) 36
Width (in) 24
Depth (in) 72

*Dimensions may have a margin of error