Pheobe Desk Wood Glass Top

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The Indian Railways boast the world's largest network of rail tracks, largely supported by wooden sleepers crafted from sal (shorea robusta) wood. Renowned for its natural anti-termite properties and remarkable durability, sal wood withstands relentless environmental challenges, enduring scorching heat and monsoonal rains for generations. Despite countless cracks, it remains unyielding. However, recent years have seen a shift towards concrete sleepers, rendering these wooden relics obsolete. Yet, the rustic charm of these wooden sleepers, with their weathered appearance and rich history, continues to captivate. Each sleeper, with its aged patina, narrates tales of a bygone era. Now, repurposed into exquisite furniture, like this railway sleeper wood top with a stainless steel base, their legacy lives on, a testament to resilience and timeless beauty. Crafted with a 3.5 cm thickness, this piece seamlessly blends history with modern design, offering a glimpse into the enduring spirit of Indian railways.

Product Dimensions

Weight (lbs) 67
Height (in) 30
Width (in) 47
Depth (in) 24

Shipping Dimensions

Carton 1
Weight (lbs) 49
Height (in) 3
Width (in) 45
Depth (in) 25
Carton 2
Weight (lbs) 18
Height (in) 2
Width (in) 45
Depth (in) 37

*Dimensions may have a margin of error


  • High Gloss Wood Top with Drawer
  • Polished stainless steel base

Care Instructions

  • Use standard glass cleaner for glass top
  • Wipe with a clean and soft cloth